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eCommerce marketing strategy and B2B lead generation for retail outlets.

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The first sugar-free BBQ sauce made in Quebec

50+ Traditional outlets, online shop and

The Fit Cook is thinking big for his brand. He presented us with a product project in the field of sauces and condiments, Fits Sauces, healthy and sugar-free sauces. The goal was to use his already established brand to sell his new products, which were also a Quebec first.

Our client's goal was to export their products to other Canadian provinces and the United States and offer alternatives to make healthy cooking accessible to everyone. We built a Shopify shop, activated an advertising system around the platform and started selling products on Amazon. 

Our client's requirements

The main objectives were to make the site more visible on search engines, position some key products on Google, acquire low cost traffic to start and generate online purchases and resellers and distributors!

Reseller and distributor leads
Positioning recipes online
Developing an online shop and selling

1. Maximise the time to profitability of the project

Marketing programme in cooperation with retailers at digital, in-store and video advertising level.

2. Tracking users in their web journey

Once the user is acquired on our website, our retargeting tools for display advertising from Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and many others become effective.

3. Optimising conversions

Once the remarketing system is in place, simply optimise the cost of conversions across channels and evaluate the return to see the viability of each channel and media.


SEO - Google and bing

A content writing strategy that included writing reviews of popular restaurants allowed the client to gain a presence in search engines for specific keywords and increase traffic to their website. This option also allowed the client to increase brand awareness.

- Content strategy
- Positioning on Google
- Google My Business optimization
- Google and Facebook reviews

SEM - Google Ads

We were able to acquire qualified traffic, consisting of people interested in our client's products, by running a brand awareness campaign on Fit Cook, a brand that is already known and established in the market.

- 1st position Google paid
- Shopping campaign
- Dynamic product remarketing
- Google banners
- Display banners Google
- Display remarketing 

SMM - Facebook Ads

For social networks, the majority of sales are made on Facebook and Instagram. Given our client's target audience, these are the safest platforms for making sales and tracking users for advertising. 

- Facebook and Instagram general remarketing
- Facebook remarketing dynamic product catalogue
- Facebook and Instagram video advertising

Email marketing

Emails still generally account for 25% of e-commerce sales. Automating certain sequences is essential to keep the people you acquire on the website engaged. Once the initial effort is put on emails, which is essential for increased profitability, it is easier to create intelligent automations based on visitor behaviour.

15% reduction in shopping cart abandonment with a bilingual automated sequence.

- Abandoned cart
- Newsletter sign-up
- Contest sign-up
- Cart pledge
- Cross-sell / Upsell

The results.

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50+ outlets in Quebec

bofu_banner-Bofu Marketing Agency


Web shop traffic tripled every month for the first 6 months

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#1 average amazon position for the targeted keywords

bofu_banner-Bofu Marketing Agency


1,500,000+ Organic and paid impressions

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Digital advertising

3500+ Clicks on ads

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Brand visibility

12,000+ visitors to the online shop in the first 6 months

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What our customers say about us

With the different marketing strategies we use to increase my sales are really solid. I never thought I would be so successful with their coaching for my social networks, websites, advertising and Amazon. Their long term vision for my products and services, their ingenious ways of monetising my brand. I recommend X1000.

Jérémie Latreille, Le Fit Cook & Les Fit Sauces

A human marketing agency focused on our clients' success

The Bofu Method: Why do business with us?

It all starts with the implementation of a structured and sustainable growth strategy that combines technology tools, digital media and traditional media. This scalable solution will not only help your business attract new customers, but also retain them and build loyalty.

This strategy will also become your way of systematically exploiting the most profitable sales channels for your company and your sector, such as radio, web referencing, social network advertising, etc., in order to gain visibility and market share.

Optimising your audiences, ad placements, targeting and sales channels has an immediate impact on your sales and processes. We achieve maximum revenue for our clients by collecting data and conducting in-depth analysis and testing, with the aim of adapting campaigns and management tools for sustained growth.

We specialise in growth, strategy and process automation. We understand how humans interact at every stage of the different life cycles, which allows us to mass customise and automate. Your system should work for you!

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A methodical approach to growth.

Our team of experts support your marketing department and key decision-makers in establishing and executing optimised growth strategies. This allows us to develop your sales funnels, find new acquisition channels and rework your growth strategy to find scalable and sustainable growth paths.

Our strategies are innovative, bold and tailored to our clients' needs and objectives. The success of their business and their project is at the heart of our approach.

Our Process.

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Our process always starts with a phone call, a virtual meeting or a face-to-face meeting. We want to take the time to get to know you and learn more about your business, its needs and objectives.

This will allow us to identify the value we can bring to it.


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