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Brand image and strategy

At Bofu, we have developed in-depth expertise in the main areas of communication.

In order to achieve a quick and profitable return for your company, we tailor our offer to all types of companies in terms of branding and strategy. We work with multiple partners (creative artists and digital production experts) to offer you a customized solution that meets your needs and expectations.

Our process

1. Analysis

Once we have identified your competitors and their positioning, we determine your differentiator, that is, what sets you apart from the competition in your market.

2. Definition

We work with you to help you define your objectives, plan a work plan and help you execute it. A plan is useless if it cannot be executed in your business reality.

3. Immersion

Our team works to understand as quickly as possible the environment and the market in which your company evolves in order to become real experts of your company.

4. Vision

Our analytical skills allow us to help you develop and execute an optimized marketing strategy, which you can then easily operate and execute.

5. Positioning & communication

Through workshops and discussions, we articulate the brand positioning and the multiple elements that will be needed for your business.

6. Strategy

We deliver a comprehensive brand strategy, including a complete analysis and help you integrate it into your organization. Our analysis will give you the facts about your business and your market, as well as a complete digital strategy that can be combined with traditional marketing.

7. Branding and logo creation

We create brands that will stay current and evolve as your business does. While branding is more than just designing a logo, we recognize the crucial role of a logo and what it communicates.

8. Visual identity

By adapting and testing brand building blocks, we create bold visual identities that represent you and are aligned with your overall strategy.

9. Manifesto and brand guide

Your brand manifesto is a statement of intent that underlies everything your company stands for. It is important that it is communicated both internally and externally to your organization and that it is reflected in everything you do or sell.

your brand: an essential


As consumers look for brands they know, trust, identify with and support, their value becomes increasingly important. More than ever, a brand must convey a credible and distinctive message.

We support our clients in adding value to their brand, whether new or established, and we have the skills to adapt or reinvent their brand strategies.

We also understand the changing face of media, sales and display channels. With the marketing world undergoing a digital transformation, brands need to be present on all of the most popular communication channels, including social media. Our branding strategies allow you to be present in the right places at the right times, and adjust by channel to maximize engagement.


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Our Process

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Our process always starts with a phone call, a virtual meeting or a face-to-face meeting. We want to take the time to get to know you and learn more about your business, its needs and objectives.

This will allow us to identify the value we can bring to it.

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What our customers say about us

I have had my best season in the history of the company year after year for 3 years now! I sold my snow removal business and thanks to Bofu's marketing know-how, I can concentrate on my specialty: hydroseeding. Thanks guys!

Pierre-Luc Beaulne, President of Hydro-Pro Seeding