[ADVERTISEMENT] A new brand image for BOFU - Bofu Digital Marketing Agency

[ANNOUNCEMENT] A new brand image for BOFU

Today, BOFU 2.0 is born and we are extremely proud to present our new colors and logo. Our agency continues to grow and a change of image was necessary to reflect the considerable evolution of the company over the years. 

An image that reflects a new identity

In 2017, BOFU was founded by Marc-Antoine Rioux and Maxime Sincerny, with the desire to democratize digital marketing to make it simple and accessible to everyone, without compromising its performance. 

Today, our expertise is still in digital marketing, but we've added several strings to our bow to create an approach that is uniquely our own. For us, it all starts with the implementation of a structured and sustainable growth strategy that combines technological tools, digital media and traditional media. This scalable solution allows our clients to not only attract new consumers, but also to retain them and build loyalty. In short, we specialize in the growth, strategy and automation of internal and external processes for local businesses. 

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An image in the colors of his team

Over the years, the agency has surrounded itself with many talents in order to carry out its projects and those of its clients. From this entourage came new collaborations, including the hiring in 2021 of Élodie Lévesque-Filiatreault, Director of Communications, and most recently, Gabriel Bruneau-Langlois, Director of Technology & CRM. The expertise of the latter allows us to offer our clients a wide range of services that meet their needs and objectives.

These new colors reflect the professionalism and talent of our team. We are dynamic people who love to create innovative and daring strategies on a daily basis, tailor-made for the success of our clients' projects and ambitions. Our passion: our clients' success!
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Whatever your objectives, our team will be able to build a robust strategy to meet them. Generate leads and new sales, build community loyalty, create business partnerships, increase in-store traffic, and much more! Request your free exploratory call.