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The importance of personas for your marketing strategy

If you've been around the marketing world in the last few years, you've probably heard the terms "buyer persona", "marketing persona" or "buyers persona". It's thrown around casually, as if everyone knows what it is.

The "buyer persona" is a profile that presents a clear picture of your potential customers, literally putting a name - if not a face - to the often nebulous concept of your target audience. These personas help companies to understand and empathise with their customers so that they can better acquire and serve them.

It is common to have several buyer personas for a business - for example, if the end user of your product needs to get approval from others before making a purchase, each individual involved in that decision is a separate persona. They will have different criteria for evaluating your product, and you will need different strategies to meet those needs.

A marketing persona should include specific details about the fictitious customer such as

- Demographic data, such as age, gender, salary, education and family;

- Details of your profession/career

- Personal goals and values

Why are buyer personas important?

When choosing a product or service, people naturally turn to companies they know and trust. The best way to build trust is to show genuine understanding and concern for the other person - in this case, your customers.

Earning your customers' trust as a business requires a subtle, but important, change in the way you present yourself. Show your potential customers that you understand them by responding exactly to their needs and desires. Indeed, creating buyer personas and using them to guide your business helps you stay focused on your customers' needs. Then they will be open to exploring what you have to offer.

By defining the needs of your ideal customers, marketing personas allow you to use your time and energy more effectively and ultimately create better products and services. They also allow you to :

- Refine your advertising campaigns;

- Create optimized content such as email campaigns and blog posts;

- Improve your social media posts;

- To develop effective products that are well aligned with your customers' needs.

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