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Understanding retargeting and its importance to your business

One of the biggest advantages of online advertising is undoubtedly the fact that it allows businesses to decide exactly who will see it and pay only for those impressions. This means you can choose who sees your ad using a range of criteria, rather than paying for your ad to reach lots of people who might be interested in your proposition.

However, most visits to your website do not result in a sale. Although these consumers may have left your site without converting, this does not mean that they are not interested in your product or service; in fact, since these people have already shown some interest in your proposition, they may be more likely than others to take action after seeing your ad again. This is where 'retargeting' becomes crucial.

What is retargeting?

Targeting your advertising to people who have already visited your site is called "retargeting". Essentially, this practice involves creating personalised advertising campaigns (usually display ads) for users who have already visited your website or other content. By staying in front of your audience on the web, your brand is always front and centre. Your ad also provides a convenient one-click shopping experience whenever your visitor is ready to make a purchase.

What are the best practices in retargeting?

The most effective retargeting campaigns leverage the power of audience segmentation. Relevance is important to consumers, so logically group your visitors according to the type of ads and information you want them to see. For example, you can create one segment for people looking for winter coats and another for people looking for handbags to improve product recommendations in your display ads.

Benefit-oriented messages and clear calls to action are also essential for healthy conversion rates. Make sure your target consumer knows why they should choose your product and what action you want them to take. Test language like "Click to get 20% off your first order" instead of "Click here" to add a higher click-through rate.

Always learn from your customers. Test ad variations by changing the colour of the action button, the text, the shape of the button or the lifestyle in relation to the product images to determine what appeals to your audience. Use the results to guide the design of future ads to better attract consumers and increase conversion rates.

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